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About Reefsaver

Reefsaver is a world class 5 strain microbial concentrate (3.25 x 108 pcs. in 1 cm3) powder applied in solution to the root-zone of all plants enabling greater health and performance.

Empowering the Australian garden with Reefsaver’s microbiology immediately provides nutrient access for all plants to flourish.

Not only does Reefsaver’s Ozzy Organic formulation achieve 97% effective nutrient uptake, the super talented microbial critters feed your patch with atmospheric Nitrogen (100kg/ha/pa) from day one.

The micro-world within, promotes humus/mulch organically and forms a drought proof membrane around soil particles, organisms & the root system.

Due to the Reefsaver’s efficient NPK uptake, synthetic wash is prevented, limiting environmental impact to waterways & our reef.

By choice, we can lower our footprint in the widest sense using Reefsaver, yet be rewarded, as it revitalises the garden.

From pot plants, tired turf, to the stressed street tree out front, working with nature’s holistic solution, ReefSaver places your lawn, vine, shrubs, screen plantings, flower & vegetable beds into a realm of abundance.

About IOA Pty Ltd

IOA Pty Ltd is a rapidly emerging Australian company focussed on microbiological solutions for both agricultural progressives & the urban markets nationwide.

Our lead brand NUTROMAXX , serves all crop farming on the eastern states, soon to extend into grain & viticulture in the west.

Our urban market product, Reefsaver, shares the proven microbiology for immediate nutrient mineralisation, as if a superhighway direct to plant dry tissue, demonstrating nothing is lost with notable environmental, plant health & yield gains.

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